To those lying in the fields of glory

by Elegos

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This is the first Demo of the band
Self recorder, mixed and mastered.
Self released


released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Elegos Greece

Elegos is a black metal duo band hailing from Greece. The band plays an epic form of hellenic black metal with pagan influences. Their music is inspired by ancient and medieval battles and acts of heroism. Elegos released their first demo entitled "To those lying in the fields of glory" in 2014, and their debut full length album "Laments for the fallen" in 2016. ... more

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Track Name: The last remembrance of a dying warrior
He feels the spear into his chest
With his hands, he is covering the wound
Suddenly there is no pain, only memories
Memories of a warrior who gave his life for freedom

Images of his first battle become alive
Like a dream they invade his dying thoughts
His first kill with a swing of his blade
Tearing flesh spilled blood all over his plate
The first trauma and the pain he felt
During a siege in an unknown country

Flaming arrows lighting the sky
War machines firing at the walls
Cavalry and infantry waiting the call
A divine sign to attack and please the Gods

Cold were those nights
Cold like the hearts of fallen men
Far away from home he was fighting
His destiny at last to meet

Under the starless sky he shed a tear
For his death is what he ever wanted
A glorious one defending his land and king
With dozen of foes slew by his sword

A brave man devoted his life to the crown
Fighting side by side with his brothers in arms
Spreading death and tremor to their enemies
Their steel and shield unmatched by anyone
Track Name: To those lying in the fields of glory
Red sun rises
Ravens in the sky, blood on the ground
The battlefields become tombs
for mighty warriors who fulfill their duty
Undying names will live forever
Reminding the heroes of the ancient times

Immortal souls wandering the battlefield
Brothers in life, brothers in death
Their living bond was sword and shield
Until they gave their last breath

Glorious death took them all
One by one and all together
To the halls of their ancestors
Waiting for the final battle

A last song for them
A hymn that will live for ever
Reminding days with honor and valor
Days worth living and dying

They fought for freedom and land
They died for those they loved
To the brave ones who fell with honor
To those lying in the fields of glory